Delicious & Easy Homemade Banana Bread 

May 10, 2020 - By Alex Eady

It's day 273 of quarantine. You've lost track of what day it is, Netflix has asked you three times if you're still watching and your quarantine snacks are almost gone. All you have are a few overripe bananas in the kitchen, and you're contemplating throwing them out. Now hungry and frustrated, you think about what you can make that'll save your food and your money. If this sounds like you and you want to know how to stretch the use of your nearly spoiled bananas, check out this recipe for easy, delicious homemade banana bread. 


I surfed Pinterest on a Saturday morning looking for recipes to save my bananas. I came across several recipes for easy banana bread that required simple ingredients I already had laying around. I landed on a recipe from Following her instructions step-by-step, I prepped my batter in a surprisingly quick 10 minutes and threw it in the oven. The best part: No mixer required. 60 minutes later, the house filled with the sweet smell of fresh bread and my job was complete. I tried a slice after cooling for 20 minutes and was impressed by how delicious this simple recipe was. Still warm from the oven, the bread was soft and moist, which I knew would hold up well as a nice snack over the next few days. The flavor was spot on: sweet but not overwhelming. I added chopped pecans to the top crust for some texture and crunch, but you can omit or add any extras you like, including chocolate chips, streusel crumble, or fresh fruit. 

Continue reading below for a few tips I learned in the baking process. 

TIP #1: Spray your pan well with nonstick cooking spray. Even if your loaf pan is non-stick, be generous with the Pam to avoid a crumbly mess in the end. I flipped my loaf pan over after cooling for 20 mins and my bread slid out clean. 

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TIP #2: Take your bread out of the oven when a toothpick comes out of the center clean 

TIP #3: To keep your bread soft for days, wrap the loaf in plastic wrap or store in an airtight container for up to 1 week. I also read that you can freeze banana bread to save and enjoy later!

(I have not tried this but let me know if it works for you) 

This quick and simple recipe made me feel accomplished and resourceful, especially in a time when my productivity tends to feel low. If you're looking for something easy to bake during this quarantine, this homemade banana bread is a great place to start. Try this recipe or add your own twist, then leave a comment or tag me in your photos!

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