Testing "Stove Top Kisses" Brown Butter Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Janurary 16, 2019 - By Alex Eady

I've never considered myself a top-tier baker, so to get out of my cooking comfort zone, I'm starting with cookies. For some, including myself, the thought of baking cookies from scratch- i.e. measuring flour, adding eggs, ect., can be intimidating. But seeing how quick and easy this tutorial was, I knew I wanted to give these cookies a try. 

I followed this recipe straight from a Stove Top Kisses YouTube tutorial I randomly landed on while exploring my recommended videos. Danni Rose of STK is known for her homemade, southern comfort food tutorials which she walks viewers through with relatable and hilarious commentary. (You might know her from her macaroni & cheese tutorial which went viral right in time for the holidays.)

Feeling inspired, I bookmarked her video, gathered my ingredients and followed her tutorial step by step. 

See the Stove Top Kisses                     Tutorial 

FYI, these aren't your basic chocolate chip cookies with nuts thrown in. What sets these apart is the rich brown butter. I LOVE any sweet and salty combination and these cookies have the perfect balance of butteriness from the salt, pecans and caramelized brown butter and sweetness from our chocolate chips and sugar mix. 

Again, for such a long-titled cookie, these were very straight forward and easy to make, perfect for an inexperienced baker like myself. To put things into perspective, I would rate them a 3 out of 10 for difficulty. 

Scooping a slightly smaller size than STK recommended, the recipe yielded 15 cookies. 

Continue reading below for a few tips I learned in the baking process. 

TIP #1: When measuring your flour, be sure to loosely scoop your flour and DO NOT pack your flour into the measuring cup. Although it's not a major mistake, I unassumingly packed my 2nd cup of flour and ended up adding more to the mixture than needed, which slightly dried out my batter. Again, it wasn't extreme, but I noticed my batter was a lot less sticky than the tutorial and my cookies came out slightly fluffier than projected. Fortunately, the cookies were far from dry and the taste was unaffected. 


TIP #2: Take the cookies out of the oven right at that 7-10 minute mark before any visible browning happens.

TIP #3: It seems unnecessary at first, but for the sake of following the tutorial, I added extra toppings to the cookie dough right before baking. If you're like me and you're partly making the cookies for the bomb pictures you know you'll take after, adding a few extra chips and pecans for beautification really makes all the difference.  

If you've got a carry-in, holiday party, or even just a free weekend to play around in the kitchen, I highly recommend you give this recipe a try. 

Also be sure to follow Danni Rose of Stove Top Kisses for all of her amazing recipes and tutorials!

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